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Who is Outpatient Psychiatry PLLC

The company was established in June of 2020. The goal of the practice is to make psychiatric treatment accessible to individuals, and to help patients learn ways to cope with the stigma associated with mental health disorders. We provide psychiatric treatments in multiple states. we are always expanding, call to check if we have started serving in your state.


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At Outpatient Psychiatry PLLC, our goal is the patient's outcome. We educate patients about their medications/management and importantly that their mental health disorders are not due to their personality flaws. We are a strong advocate of psychotherapy, because while medications may help with the neurotransmitter regulations, psychotherapy teaches ways to use coping skills. Combination of both medication management and psychotherapy helps the whole individual and produces better results. We are non judgemental.

We serve children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Our services include Psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, medications management, and psychotherapy.

All care is provided via zoom and in the patient's comfort. It is so comfortable that you can have a visit performed even on your work or school days and do not need to be taking off for hours

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